Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Personnel Database Management System

The ICT-Group of DepED Antipolo City has began creating database projects for the Division last September 2007. The first of the three phases of the project (the personnel database system) has been completed October 2007. The development of the student database (phase 2) and school facilities and supplies database (phase 3) are expected to finish before March 2008.

Program Overview

Personnel Database Management System version 1.0 ® is a program developed by the Planning Unit (DepED-Division of Antipolo City) under the supervision of Mr. Frederick B. Vallinas (Planning Officer II). This database is designed to store the employees’ records electronically and browse the records in a short period of time. It aims to expedite the data processing of the civil service forms and other government forms produced for the newly hired employee, promoted, retired, resigned and other instances. The flexibility of retrieving the specific records based on the employees code is the feature of the system. This program also aims to track the inventory of the employees’ item/plantilla number and the school assignment of the teaching and non-teaching personnel.

Mr. Vallinas and the author believe that using this program would be a big help for the HR officers, staffs and the school liaison officers in keeping the employees records up-to-date every time its is needed. The reliability and the accuracy in terms of program performance had been tested during the development and testing period. The output of this project is based only on the available sample forms and output format given during the system analysis and design phase. Your feedback is very important to us. Send it to or

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