Sunday, November 4, 2007

Secondary School ICT Coordinators' Meeting

DepEd Division of Antipolo City
Date: October 26, 2007
Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm


The meeting was opened by Mr. Victor Federigan, ICT Coordinator of San Isidro NHS and was graced by a prayer led by Mrs. Florabel Tolentino of ANHS Main.


(1) Reporting of Accomplishments and Identification of Problems Encountered

Antipolo National HS. Several teachers in their school are already using multimedia resources. The problem that they encountered was that proper ICT integration was not yet clear to the teachers.

Cupang NHS. The problem is the lack of Audio Visual Room where they can hold ICT integration classes.

San Isidro NHS. The teachers were classified according to how much knowledgeable they are in using the computer and the Internet. The result shows that more teachers need additional training to basic application softwares. They were able to organize ICT subject coordinators.

Calawis NHS. The problem encountered was the power shortage. The only year level which ICT is used is with the fourth year students only. The application taught is MS word.

Marcelino Santos NHS. Has only one computer set used in the school and assigned to the TIC office. ICT is integrated through assignments given to know if the students are familiar in using the Internet.

Bagong Nayon II NHS. The ten units of PCs given by the DTI that use Linux operating system were converted to Windows. Their problem is the power failure in their school up to this date. To solve their problem, the computer laboratory was restructured. They were also able to request Hizon Laboratories to adopt their school and promised that they will be given an LCD and a set of PC.

Mayamot National HS. It was very hot inside the computer laboratory according to the ICT coordinator because there was no enough air conditioning units.

San Jose NHS. Their school has 17 units of PCs. Five of them came from DOST, ten from DTI, and others. Their program focuses on first year pre-selected students. Basic applications are taught like MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and the Internet. They also have Project (ICT)2 The use of Computer Aided Instruction using Multimedia in the Classroom.

Division Office. A program proposal was already been submitted to facilitate the release of funds for ICT Projects and other related programs.


Mr. Richard Luna, a teacher from Bagong Nayon II NHS and the developer of the database program, presented the output of the 1st Phase ICT Project of the Division, the Personnel Management Database. Two more databases is on its way, the Student Management Database (Phase 2) and Physical Facilities and School Inventory Database (Phase 3) which shall be fused to create the Academe Integrated Solution to be used by all schools in the Division.


Mr. Frederick B. Vallinas, the designated ICT Coordinator of the Division reminded the School ICT Coordinators to realign the School ICT Action Plans and include the computer literacy survey to identify the training needs of the teachers. Mrs. Tolentino of ANHS shall provide the draft survey form for review.

ICT training is scheduled on April with the Secondary and the Elementary teachers with the school ICT coordinators as the trainors. Another training is scheduled to be conducted among science teachers on how to use CAI application software.

It was agreed by the group that each school must create its own web page that contains the school profile and documents that other teachers from other schools might find useful and will be linked together. The time frame given to ICT coordinators to do this is up to March 2008.

The pilot integration of ICT in the classroom will be effected on June 2008 for Science. Beneficiary of this pilot integration will be the lower sections to facilitate effective evaluation of of the program implemented.

Details of the Agreements are as follows:


Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education

November 5, 2007

City Schools Division Superintendent



Greetings in the name of Public Service!

Attached herewith are the agreements during the conduct of the 2nd Secondary ICT Coordinators Meeting held at 2nd Flr. Conference Room, DepEd Division of Antipolo City, October 26,2007, 9:00 o’clock in the morning to 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon, for your reference and approval.

Thank you very much and Godbless…

Very truly yours,

Planning Officer II
Division ICT Coordinator


Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education


Division Office, October 26, 2007


Persons Involved

Date / Date due

1. Preparation of Computer Rooms to function as Audio-Visual Room (double function)

2. Submission of re-aligned Action Plans for ICT integration for the 3rd and 4th quarter of the school year

3. Quarterly reporting of accomplishments based on the action plans made

4. Creation of School Web Pages containing the profile of the school, outstanding lesson plans, and other instructional mediums which can be used as reference and resource materials by other teachers

5. ICT Coordinators to be utilized as Division Trainers for ICT

6. Training of Trainers

7. Cluster-based Training of Teachers in Office Applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and Internet Use

8. Training of Science Teachers in the use of Author Ware (software used in designing interactive lessons)

9. Distribution of Personnel Management Database (Division ICT Project Phase 1)

10. Distribution of Student Management Database (Division ICT Project Phase 2)

11. Distribution of Physical Facilities and Inventory Database (Division ICT Project Phase 3)

12. Integration of ICT in classroom teaching (Pilot Subject Area : Science)

School Head, ICT Coordinators

School Head, ICT Coordinators

ICT Coordinators

School Head, ICT Coordinators

School Head, ICT Coordinators

ICT Coordinators

School Head, ICT Coordinators

ICT Coordinators, Science Supervisor

Division Office

Division Office

Division Office

Division Science Supervisor, School Head, Science Teachers, ICT Coordinators

End of School Year

November 16, 2007

3rd and 4th Quarter of the School Year

March 30, 2007

January 2007

April 2007

April 2007

December 2007

March 2007

June 2008

June 2008

Prepared by:

Planning Officer II APPROVED:
ICT Coordinator

City Schools Division Superintendent


Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Personnel Database Management System

The ICT-Group of DepED Antipolo City has began creating database projects for the Division last September 2007. The first of the three phases of the project (the personnel database system) has been completed October 2007. The development of the student database (phase 2) and school facilities and supplies database (phase 3) are expected to finish before March 2008.

Program Overview

Personnel Database Management System version 1.0 ® is a program developed by the Planning Unit (DepED-Division of Antipolo City) under the supervision of Mr. Frederick B. Vallinas (Planning Officer II). This database is designed to store the employees’ records electronically and browse the records in a short period of time. It aims to expedite the data processing of the civil service forms and other government forms produced for the newly hired employee, promoted, retired, resigned and other instances. The flexibility of retrieving the specific records based on the employees code is the feature of the system. This program also aims to track the inventory of the employees’ item/plantilla number and the school assignment of the teaching and non-teaching personnel.

Mr. Vallinas and the author believe that using this program would be a big help for the HR officers, staffs and the school liaison officers in keeping the employees records up-to-date every time its is needed. The reliability and the accuracy in terms of program performance had been tested during the development and testing period. The output of this project is based only on the available sample forms and output format given during the system analysis and design phase. Your feedback is very important to us. Send it to or

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lapus on CyberEd project: It will make children learn better

“What will cyber education achieve? It will make our children learn better. It will make the teachers teach more effectively” Lapus said. “They will be retrained. The principals would be able to manage schools more efficiently. The schools will be online with management, with the division, with the region, and they’ll be online like bank branches’

CyberEd project will be implemented in partnership with Tsinghua University, China's top technology university, which manages the China Education and Research Network that covers 320 million beneficiaries.

The project is a satellite-based distance education program which provides real-time interactivity to public schools. It will link all Department of Education (DepEd) administrative units in the country, including the central office, 17 regional offices, 187 division offices and 37,792 public schools.

CyberEd will provide 12 video channels, wireless wide-area networking, local area networking and wireless Internet to even the remotest area of the country.



The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Group of DepEd Antipolo City, is geared to provide substantive contribution to harness the potential of ICT in advancing the teaching-learning strategies in public elementary and secondary schools in the Division. This ICT Group's mission will be to facilitate and promote further integration of ICT with learning and edification activities, thus contributing to the attainment of the desired learning outcomes as stipulated in the Education For All (EFA) Goals and Targets of the Department of Education.

The group will build on and advance the work of the past initiatives on ICT as well as to address core issues related to the role of information and communication technology in pupils/students' development and the realization of the Millennium Development Goals of the Philippine Government for the year 2015.
Dear fellow ICT coordinators, this is the tenet that compels us to look at the larger picture in everything we will do -- a principle that drives us to push that finish line further so that we would go the extra mile in every endeavor. Together, we can do much!